Alphabiotics is a breakthrough in stress relief. It increases your body’s ability to respond, handle, and overcome daily negative stress, thereby speeding up healing and avoiding future illness. Since each person is different, stress masks itself in different symptoms. The symptoms may look like headaches, fatigue, aches and pains, lack of focus, depression, internal system imbalances, etc. Using a hands-on process, Alphabiotics, helps your body gently realign all systems towards balance. Invented in 1924, it is now being recognized as one of the up and coming alleviators of physical, mental and emotional stress and if used consistently, can maintain your well being on a daily basis.


From early childhood memories to adolescence, early adulthood to construction, sales, suites and stress, what was I thinking, how was I feeling. Without a psych evaluation lets just say perhaps this not where I intended to go but exactly where I needed to be, “part”. from the interrupted sleep patterns and the behavior that would accompany lack of REM sleep, symptoms of ulcers, lower back pain with injections meds and self medication then the side effects. Having tried many different modalities and finally trying Alphabiotics with “yes” resistance. From the who turned the lights on to the wow man did I sleep well. The whole brain functioning if you will, allowed for a tuned in to the infinite, a balance of mind, body and spirit. Life is better cause and effect. I digress, with how does one fully explain this , explain can be challenging, seeing that everyone’s response is a little different, fully accepting that it is experiential. If there is any credence that we are spiritual beings trying to have a human experience somewhere we loose full contact with our creator through the chronic low level stress and brain lock in to our dominant hemisphere. Life does seem to get in the way, when finally experiencing the process, realizing what this did for me, an opportunity arose “coincidentally” to attend Alphabiotics Academy international in Dallas Texas. Certify and then share this helping system with others who are willing to do the let go and let God approach. let life improve, become more rewarding and get the oh I get it now bell go off in ones head.

Fortunately I have the opportunity to work with my brother who with his many challenges and overcoming and dealing with them “got it” So consider this as an invitation to experience this incredible process that simple, quick, painless and yet so complete. Experience life to the fullest, the way life is intended to be. Not to say this is the all to end all, the answer to all of life questions and challenges but an addition to exercise, proper nutrition, meditation and or prayer and servitude toward others is essential in promoting a richer and better life.

I have many blessings, six children, two grand daughters, a son in law, nineteen nieces and nephews and an understanding and caring wife. Eldest of eleven children and a mother with the wisdom and energy that I can only try to understand. A First generation Italian with a splash of Spanish blend that helped make me what I am today. Navigation in this earth suite has been challenging at times, though fortunate to still learn, grow, and share to make the most of each and every day.


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Alphabiotics is a breakthrough in stress relief. It increases your body’s ability to respond, handle, and overcome daily negative stress, thereby speeding up healing and avoiding future illness.

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