Alphabiotics Balances Mind and Body

The body possesses the incredible and magnificent ability to heal itself when it is completely free of any stress.
Alphabiotics goes beyond symptom relief to correction of the primary, internal cause of symptoms.  Webster’s dictionary defines physical stress as “pressures that distort the body.” A stressed, off balance body is obvious, and that physical distortion is measurable. There is the typical high-hip/short-leg, defensive stress-crouch that says the body is ready for fight or flight or is in a state of chronic vigilance. This distorted posture indicates the person is in a survival mode, ever on-guard for danger. There is selective weakness, with opposing areas of great tension, and cellular function may be compromised. Fear, uncertainty, doubt, and negative self-talk are the rule, and the distorted body is stuck in a destructive, downward spiral.

Alphabiotics is the ultimate answer to the very real challenge of stress in the modern world.

Worldwide, over a million people have experienced the benefits of Alphabiotics. While the Alphabiotic alignment is not a form of treatment for either physical or mental dysfunction, results compiled from survey data collected on 2,229 Alphabiotic participants showed the following benefits:

  • 86% reported their stress related symptoms to be either eliminated or much improved.
  • 100% reported that they handled stress more effectively now.
  • 96% reported that they had more restful sleep.
  • 100% reported that they were more mentally alert.
  • 60% reported that they had an improvement in relationships.
  • 100% reported that they felt physically much stronger.
  • 69% reported that they enjoyed life more.
  • 100% reported that they felt a greater sense of inner peace.

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